Always Use in Chrome

I read English, mainly. I also read Hebrew, but not enough to want to do web searches in Hebrew by default. I live in Israel, so every time I use the omni search in Chrome I’m redirected to, and of course, most searching results are Hebrew pages. This also applies to my Android tablet which is doubly annoying seeing how the omni search settings in Chrome are the same ones used by Google Now and the default search box across the OS.

Here is an easy trick to not get redirected to your local Google page.

1. Open Chrome and type “”
2. Search for something in the Google page (not the omni search)
3. Close Chrome completely (different in each OS)
4. Open Chrome again, but this time search for something in the omni box
5. You should be greeted by a yellow bar asking if you want to switch to your local Google or keep using

Enjoy being able to always use in Chrome :)