Fruit Salad

Fruit salads are one of my favorite things to prepare. Everyone loves fruit, and the reaction of people when the eat it is just happiness. I consider it a MUST to adhere to two basic principles: Flavor diversity & Flavor compatibility. It’s a must for a good fruit salad to combine fruits that compliment each other instead of conflict.

Melon (Crenshaw, Casaba, Canary, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, etc) — as a strong neutral base
Pineapple — adds a sweetness and the acid helps preserve the fresh state
Apple — nice crisp apple just adds so much
Blueberry — gotta have berries
Kiwi — great flavor with a nice color diversity for presentation
Strawberry — yes please!

My “secret” ingredient for every fruit salad… cinnamon. It just makes it.

This is not law, just a basic outline. So many combinations can be made. Garnish with chopped nuts, dried berries, even a little bit of chopped mint for freshness. Fresh fruit is so refreshing.